The Greatest Showman Party Ideas

May 18, 2018

Full confession, I adore the movie The Greatest Showman.  And anyone who knows me would be shocked to hear this from me.  Why?  I don't do musicals.  Seems a big counter intuitive since I grew up LOVING cult classics like Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Mary Poppins.  But I would never really consider those babies "musicals" - even though they technically are.

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas - By BambinoAmore

Anyway, that's not what this post is about.  If you love The Greatest Showman as much as I did, perhaps you are on the hunt for party ideas.  And that's what this post is all about.  I found these incredible photos and ideas over at Sage and Thistle Events and was just blown away. 

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas - By BambinoAmore

Can you even imagine?  They actually created a tent inside of a venue - complete with a ticket booth at the entrance of the "tent".  How awesome is that? 

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas - By BambinoAmore

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas - By BambinoAmore

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas

The tabletop decor kept with the vintage circus theme with elephants and giraffes atop stacked boxes and golden accented table runners and plate chargers.

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas

Aside from the subtle nod with the peanuts + shells on the table, these are perhaps my favorite table decor pieces.  I love the fact that the Animal Crackers played a central role in the setting as well as my favorite quote from the movie - "No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else" - PT Barnum.  It's perfect.

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas

And rounding out the vintage-themed decor is an awesome photo area so guests can be their own ringmaster or try their luck at being eaten by a lion.  Of course, there wouldn't be a circus-themed party in any way if there was no popcorn.  Right?  This popcorn machine is perfect for this party - and any other Greatest Showman party.

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas - Costume Apron by Bambino Amore

The Greatest Showman Party Ideas - Costume Apron by Bambino Amore

I hope you were inspired with this Greatest Showman party idea post - and don't forget to be a part of the party with one of our custom costume aprons!  Maybe your little one wants to be the ringmaster of her own Greatest Showman birthday party - don't worry, we got your back on that too.  Just shoot us a message and we'll see what we can do.

Talk soon!
- Kate

Image Credits:  First Image - (Google Search - Images) // ALL Sage & Thistle Party Images from Sage & Thistle Blog // Last Two Images are from BambinoAmore



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