Hiya friends + fellow sewists!  Welcome to our blog!  I'm Kate, one of the owners/designers for Bambino Amore.  My partner in crime is my mom, Robbie, who is the real brain-child behind Bambino Amore, but, she's more at home designing and sewing than blogging about it or taking to social media.  So, you're kind of stuck with me - I'm not that bad, I promise.

You can find out a bit more about, Bambino Amore the company on our website's "Our Story" page, but, the short version is that we (mom + I) began making aprons in 2008 for our Etsy Shop, using a pattern she drafted called The Jessie, which was named after mom's great-aunt.  That pattern evolved in to a few other apron designs - all named after family members; The Eloise (named after my grandmother), The Emmeline Apron Top (named after my great-grandmother), The Jennie (named after my great-aunt), The Viola (named after my great-aunt), and you get the idea.

As time went on + our popularity grew, our apron line-up evolved and we began to offer our original pattern to help other crafters like ourselves gain extra income, make special handcrafted gifts for friends and family, or just make a really awesome apron for themselves. We are extremely proud to say that we have sold thousands of that single pattern, The Jessie.  We're also pretty proud of the fact that you can find our finished aprons all over the internet + world - spreading cheer and creativity wherever they go.


So now that you know who we are, you may be wondering what this site is all about.  Our blog has undergone several transformations and now we have found our true purpose - to share our knowledge.  Basically, this is a place for you to get information - about all aspects of sewing, sewalongs for our patterns, free patterns, fabric information, inspiration, and how to create a thriving handmade business.

Why?  Because we remember what it was like starting out online with no way to learn the "ropes" so to speak.  We remember how hard it was to figure out lighting our aprons and taking photos that were branded.  We remember how hard it was to figure out social media and SEO.  So, we want to help others who may need that same kind of help - as best we can.  No strings attached.

We have designed this blog, our posts, and tutorials to be easy to navigate, easy to read, and easy to understand.  If you ever have any issues just let us know - you can message us here or email us info@bambinoamore.com.

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Mom + I both hope that you find this blog to be inspiring, educational, and a go-to resource for your sewing/business/fabric needs.

Oh, and you can find us on Facebook, Pinterest (where we have awesome decor and recipe pins for all occasions), and Instagram.  Please check us out + follow us.

Thank you for stopping in.  We are really happy to have you here!

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